Monday, April 6, 2009

April 5 2009, 69,463km

A member of the Kawasaki 1400GTR Forum (with me as webmaster) organised a tour today through the Belgian Ardennes and the German Eifel. The weather was chilly, but the roads were very nice, especially in Germany. There were 24 bikes of which 14 were GTR's. Pim with 2 collegues and Ton and son joined me.

The Zumo GPS and Camos headset worked very good. I've found a trick to prevent the headset to go into powersave mode: I've made an mp3 with no sound and let this continuously play by the Zumo. I was afraid this would drain the battery of the Camos, but I could use it the whole day.

I led a small group on one of the nice roads in Germany. I expected speedtraps ahead, so I slowed down on the straights and went a bit quicker in the corners ;). What I didn't expect was an undercover policebike coming from behind, so I let this faster BMW pass without thinking twice. When he lit a sign stating 'Stop' - 'Polizei' I knew enough... Three of us were caught on camera doing 100kmh were only 50kmh was allowed. Of course as front-runner I was one of them. We had to pay 145 euro each and could ride further. Now a lot slower.

The tour ended in The Netherlands and after diner we went home again. For me this trip was 665km long.


Blogger Panamaniac said...

Getting a fine is never a good thing!
However, if you had been stopped in the UK at 2x speed limit you may have had to go to court as well and would have also received 3 points on your driving licence (12 and you lose your License for 1 year)

To get your Zumo working perfectly fit a Autocom unit

April 6, 2009 9:02 PM  
Blogger Jeroen said...

I'll have a look at the autocom thingy. Thx.

July 3, 2009 6:43 PM  

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