Monday, April 13, 2009

April 13, 2009, 70,326km

This second Easter day started foggy and chilly, but still I went for another trip to the German Eifel. I loaded this route into my Zumo and followed it almost completely. At some points the road was blocked because of road maintenance and I found that my old gps, the Streetpilot 2610, did a better job at getting you back on track again. Well, actually it didn't do much: it just kept the nearest part of the route always in view, thus abling me to ride back to it myself. The Zumo always want to recalculate the route, or you can decide to not do this, but in this latter case the Zumo will not show the correct route by itself. Of course you can zoom out and have the route in view, but with the 2610 this happened automatically.
On the whole the route was very nice and I saw only one German speedtrap. The route passed the radiotelescope of Effelsberg and of course I had to eat curry sausage with french fries and mayonaise at the imbiss there :)
This trip was about 750km in length which took me almost 10 hours.


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