Saturday, February 14, 2009

February 14 2009, 68,527km

Got the Pan back from the dealer. They've done a 12,000km service job:

PartsNumberTotal Euro
Forte 1 Motor Power111.44
Brake pads rear141.64
Brake pads front141.64
Spark plugs Denso U24FER-9439.04
Oil filter112.51
Air filter136.54
Fork oil seals114.04
Clip panel12.41
Castrol RS oil152.26
Grease etc13.40
Cooling liquid16.39
Brake/clutch oil16.39
Grand Total:607.08

It's odd they had to replace the front brake pads again, since it's only 6,000km since the last change. But maybe riding in mountains wears them out extra fast.

Received a new batch of Howard Leight Max earplugs. The last one of 200x2 pieces lasted three years.


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