Monday, October 20, 2008

October 19 2008, 68,290km

Maybe the last decent trip of this year? Today I went -again- to the Moselle river in Germany. Did that already a couple of times, but it's still an enjoyable trip. First I went asap to Koblenz where the Moselle starts. At 11:00, after a 3 hours drive, I stood on the shores of the river. Well, first I stood on the shores of the Rhine river that flows through Koblenz as well ;). After I found the right river I followed the shores to Trier. The river itself goes on much further, but I had to return home again. The autumn colors (main reason for this trip) were beautiful. At 20:00 I was home again. Today I drove 945km, almost enough to qualify as a 1K-trip :).
During this trip I couldn't use my satnav, since I've sold it. So I had to rely on maps again. Which went rather well. When using a map you're more flexible in which direction to take (don't have to stick to the programmed route) and you got a more global view of the surroundings: nice roads, villages, etc. you might miss when using the satnav. A downside is that you've got to stop more often to choose the right direction, you don't have a compass and you don't have a 'show me the fastest way home'-button. Maybe next time I'll use both: the satnav for the general direction and the map for the details...


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