Monday, September 29, 2008

September 28 2008, 67,255km

Vacation Pyrenees 9/19 - 9/28

Next trip of Erwin and me, this time to the French Pyrenees.

Friday 19, 1115km
First we drove as fast as possible to France. Here we went to Alise-Sainte-Reine (
Alesia) to view the Vercingetorix monument and remnants of the Gallic/Roman city. Then we went to Clermont-Ferrand and had a look at the Puy-de-Dome. A little south of Clermont we found a nice place to sleep.

Saturday 20, 650km
After a visit of another Vercingetorix monument near the village of
Gergovie we went to Millau to see the famous viaduct. After passing the nice city of Albi we reached our final destination Barbet near Lombez. Here we would stay for the rest of the week.

Sunday 21, 165km
A rest day. Visit of
Toulouse, an amphitheater and a Celtic exposition.

Monday 22, 390km
Trip into the Pyrenees. On our way to the Pyrenees we had a look at the ancient cathedral of
St. Bertrand de Comminges. The Pyrenees are very beautiful. You do have to take care while riding there, because often cattle are walking freely and leaving their droppings on the roads.

Tuesday 23, 480km
Trip to
Andorra. The road to this tiny country is very beautiful. The pass to it is quite high and was rather chilly at the moment. Taxes are very low there and Erwin and I took the opportunity to buy a cheap Tomtom Rider 2. To find back home that it was an older version we'd rather not have. So now we're trying to sell it again.

Wednesday 24, 435km
A day I've been looking forward to: visit of Carcassonne. First we drove over beautiful roads to
Minerve. Yet another very beautiful and interesting village. Then we went to Carcassonne, the place with the medieval fortified city. Very impressive.

Thursday 25, 350km
Another trip into the Pyrenees and visit of
Lourdes. Lourdes is a place of pilgrimage and it is remarkable how moneymaking and devotion go hand in hand overthere.

Friday 26, 240km
For this day we had nothing planned on beforehand. I made a route on my Streetpilot, which I'd never done before without the routeplanning software on my pc, but which went rather easy. This trip lead us to the not yet visited NorthWest of our residence. Again very beautiful surroundings, it seems you just can't go wrong in the
Midi-Pyrenees. Along the way the Streetpilot steered us in a direction I thought couldn't be right. I took a right turn to leave the main road and have a closer look at the route. I stopped soon after the turn, thereby totally surprising Erwin who couldn't avoid me completely and ran into my left case with his right case. His case came loose and mine had some scratches. It seemed his was seriously damaged, but was still useable.

Saturday 27, 725km
Time to head home again. The route North took us through the beautiful
Dordogne and ended up at an hotel in the center of Orleans.

Sunday 28, 680km
Last stretch home. I lead the way. At Paris I somehow lost Erwin. Afterwards it seemed he found I was driving too fast for the situation (police presence and speedtraps) and let me go. My route led via Lille, Erwin's via Brussels. He was half an hour earlier at home, mainly because I took a detour to avoid the obligatory traffic jam in The Netherlands.

So, after a trip of 10 days and 5,220km we were home again. We'd seen a lot of beautiful and interesting stuff. The bikes were great again. I still like the ST, although irritatingly instable at the highway, it's perfect inland with it's good handling, brakes, comfort and range.

You'll find the pics here


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