Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 30 2008, 60,250km

While climbing the Col de Galibier on my Route Des Grandes Alpes tour I got photographed by a, I thought, professional photographer. On the top of the Galibier you could get the address of the photo shop and back home I ordered the pics that had been taken. The preview on their site ( looked good. When I got the pics I was very disappointed, they were crap. See above.

I mailed them stating that I expected more of them for the 10 euro per pic. They still have to respond to my emails. I guess thats another 40 bucks waisted.


Blogger Reinhard said...

yeah, similar problem here: my father climbed col du galibier 2 times this summer, both times photographed by griffe photos.
I ordered these photos, planning to make a present out of them.
One of the photos was out-of-focus, so I mailed them to please refund my money. The answer i got after the second mail was that the weather was bad and the photo looked good enough.
Also, because I ordered the files it "isn't possible to refund the money".
Payed 14€ for a file which I can't use for anything:-(

October 1, 2009 7:28 AM  

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