Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 24 2008, 55,238km

Pim and I made today yet another trip to the Belgian Ardennes. It was a nice and quite long one: 816km for me, for Pim a bit longer.
During this trip I could try some gadgets. First I could try the music stuff I got in order to kill some time during those boring highway rides. It worked like a charm. I really didn't really care how long we had to spend on the highway: the Pan was comfortable and with the music time passed quickly.
Next I tried a new gadget: a GPS Trip Recorder. Turn it on when you leave and afterwards you can exactly see where you've been, how fast you have been riding (oops) and at what altitudes you've been. With the included software you can geotag the pictures you've made along the way and view it all in e.g. Google Earth. Here's the Google kmz file of this trip (zoom in on Maastricht to see the track).


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