Sunday, April 27, 2008

April 25 2008, 48,532km

Today Pim (TL1000S), Ton (FJR1300) and son, and I made a longish trip of about 810km to and through the German Eifel. Besides some bumpy stretches the roads were great and curvy. The Pan was great: pretty flickable, very good brakes, very stable. The new Michelin tires behaved very good. My motorbuddies had a hell of a time keeping up with me :)
I used my leather pants for the first time today and they did what I hoped and expected they would do: save my but for getting sore after a while. I could ride the Pan all day without much problems in the bottom department.
BTW Notice the pic with the with the arch bridge above. Seems familiar? That's correct: I've been there almost exactly 10 years ago with my ZZR1100. See the 1100 blog :)


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