Saturday, March 1, 2008

March 1 2008, 46,650km

Today I recieved the TrickAudio TA-100 earphones I wanted to try. Well, they were kinda disappointing. Sound quality is not good enough for music, I guess just voice will do fine. Noise blocking was less than hoped for and the build quality looks a bit flimsy. I'm not going to use these plugs, that's for sure.
The stitching of the heel of my left
Dainese Mig-Touring boot has gone loose, so I went to have it repaired. Because the boot had to be send to Italy this could take a few weeks. I can't do that long without boots, so I bought a new pair of the same boots, because, besides this one off(?) problem, these boots are pretty much perfect for me: comfortable and 100% waterproof.
While I was at it I bought a
Dainese Firefly leather pants as well. My experience is that you can stay much longer in the saddle with leather trousers.
Oh, and I recieved the
Shoei Multitec helmet as well I ordered a while ago. That about completes my new gear of this new season. Let the touring begin! :)


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